Powder coating system on aluminium

Naturall is a "powder on powder" paint system for virtually unlimited durability results.

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Why choose a Naturall system
powder coating system

Naturall systems differ from sublimation systems as the latter use ink paint or ink based films in the second layer, while Naturall is a "powder on powder" coating system on aluminium. Only polyester powders are used to guarantee virtually unlimited durability over time. This is the reason why the paint used with the Naturall system is particularly suitable for outside uses on buildings thanks to its protection against UV rays, light and atmospheric agents.

The innovative systems that Naturall provides enable you to create realistic wood effect finishes on pre-painted profiles. Depending on the base paint it is possible to obtain rough or smooth textures.

The benefits of a Naturall system
The Naturall powder coating system has some important advantages over other wood effect paint systems:
  • it can be added to a vertical or horizontal oven, it takes up little space and is easily managed;
  • it makes it possible to ensure a constant and homogeneous wood effect on all profiles, even those with rounded shapes;
  • it is possible to produce thick profiles and thin profiles simultaneously. The standard dimensions of the production profiles range from 6 metres to 6.80 metres;
  • with the same equipment it is possible to paint flat sheets with a width of up to 1.25 metres;
  • Naturall systems, compared to those of older design, ensure greater efficiency and high standards with regards to the final result

The quality of the Naturall wood effect is given not only by the constant temperature of the oven, but also by the use of Qualicoat Class 1 and Class 2 approved paints, highly resistant to atmospheric agents and to changes in temperature. The Qualicoat approved paints are able to withstand external exposure for at least 10 years.

Powder coating wood effect
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