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Naturall is a powder coating system able to reproduce wood or marble effects on aluminium with a very high graphic resolution.

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Naturall System
Example of patented system for powder coating

Naturall is an internationally patented system for powder coating on aluminium able to perfectly reproduce effects and textures such as wood or marble, with a very high graphic resolution.

The Naturall aluminium paint systems use only polyester powders for the first and the second layer of paint, which impeccably recreate the effect of different surfaces, such as wood, granite, marble and carbon. There is no limit to creativity and design freedom: it is possible to create the effects demanded by our customers. The finishes vary from very smooth matte surfaces to rough finishes.

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Aesthetics and resistance

powder coating on aluminium

The use of powder paint with polyester powder specially formulated for the two consecutive layers is synonymous with durability, quality and resistance to different weather conditions and UV exposure. The Naturall finish combines the aesthetic appearance of wood with the performance and durability of aluminium, is suitable for external use and requires virtually no maintenance.

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Effects and colours

Powder coating wood effects

Different models and colours are available to reproduce the most common effects of various types of wood, down to the most minute details such as knots, streaks or striations.
The Naturall powder paint systems can be clearly distinguished from other types of finishes using the sublimation process.

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