Powder coating plants: an innovative system

Any production line can be integrated with Naturall systems for simple painting and a unique final effect.

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Naturall Technology

Any industrial paint powder line can be integrated with the Naturall powder coating plants. The processing cycle of the Naturall industrial painting powder technology is the result of a coating process consisting of two phases:

Polymerization - powder paint system

The first stage consists of a conventional coating, which can be done using a horizontal or vertical line of paint.
After this first process, the layer of dust has a uniform base colour.

Powder paint system wood effects

The second step is performed by means of dedicated Naturall system equipment that is able to apply the powder required to obtain the desired decorative effect.

During the last step of polymerization, the second layer of powder, which reproduces the wood or the special effect chosen, penetrates the first layer creating a compact and uniform layer with a thickness of 60 microns.

With the final polymerization the surface is aesthetically indistinguishable from the wood or material that has been chosen to be reproduced (for example marble) but with the durability and performance of aluminium.

Changing the base colour (first layer) and the second layer of powder (which reproduces the effect) it is possible to obtain infinite combinations. Naturall can develop together with the client customised moulds with any model or design required.

Shutter - coating wood effects
Naturall System
Naturall System

Naturall is an internationally patented system for painting on aluminium.

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